Size does matter! Customize the standard (default) skin in Football Manager with DF11 panels.

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The DF11 default face will show up in Football Manager to replace the missing face(s) in game.

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Increase the possibilities of your Football Manager game with the best custom skins for DF11 faces.

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One of my personal side projects over the years

was creating flags for Football Manager.

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Flags collection


The icon face is the small version of a DF11 face.

These icons will complete your DF11 collection.

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DF11 icon faces


DF11 default faces

DF11 panels

DF11 skins

On the net, there are many downloads available to improve your Football Manager game.

We concentrate on the most essential downloads, which will complete the DF11 experience

and improve your Football Manager game in general!

Special thanks to our partner websites and the original creators for these quality add-ons!

Partner website essentials


DF11 faces - World Cup 2018

The official WC2018 portraits to use beside your

DF11 Megapack in Football Manager.

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