Although our DF11 Megapack and Update packs contain ALMOST 100.000 faces, there will always be missing faces

in your Football Manager game.

Pick a DF11 default face to fill in the gab of a missing face.

Using the DF11 default face, combined with the DF11 Icon faces, will also create a more uniform look to your game.

Looks pretty easy and neat on the eyes too!

  • Download the zipped folder

  • Extract the folder with 'Winrar' (Windows OS) or 'The Unarchiver' (Mac OS)

  • A folder will appear named as --> 'DF11 default'

  • Move the extracted 'DF11 default' folder to the following location on your PC system: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\Graphics

  • Open the 'DF11 default' folder to view all default faces.

  • FM2017 (and older versions) => only 1 default face appears in game.

  • FM2018 => 4 default faces will appear in game! (for missing player, manager, staff, refs)

         =>> Instructions for the different default faces are included to the download!

  • Start / Reload Football Manager

Optional (custom) skins often have their own 'default face'.

You can simply replace them with a DF11 default face.

Search in the folder of the skin to find the location of the default face.

Then replace it with the DF11 default face of your choice.

Use the correct ingame settings:
      How to use the DF11 default face?
How to place the default face in custom skins:
Football Manager 2018

Default faces for older versions on Football manager are available on the bottom of this page.