Your DF11 Megapack is the first step to play Football Manager with a massive collection of large sized DF11 faces.

Our Megapack includes over 87,500 faces covering 78 playable leagues in Football Manager. 


Read the information on this page carefully and pick up your DF11 Megapack for free.

Do you already have a DF11 Megapack?


YES? ->-> You can leave this page if you have installed a DF11 Megapack between october 2015 and july 2016!

Please move on to the DF11 update packs to update your current DF11 Megapack.


NO? ->-> Please read the information below and download your DF11 Megapack.

Proceed and follow the instructions on this page!

Download DF11 Megapack from the 'cloud' (Recommended)

Reasonably fast - 8GB in 80 minutes - 3 parts

PC free disk space needed: 9GB

Download all the 3 parts. (Save all 3 parts in one (!) and the same folder)

This download is 'hosted by' and should work for everyone worldwide.

DF11 Faces purchased cloud space with unlimited bandwidth traffic to offer reliable downloads for our users.

The speed of download depends on your own ethernet provider package.

My personal results for a 3GB download are: WIFI - 45 minutes /<>/ Cable - 28 minutes.

You can use this Megapack easily for many more years by updating it every month!

Download DF11 Megapack by torrent/magnet

Reasonably fast download - 8GB / 70 minutes / 3 parts

PC free system disk space needed: 9GB

Download the 3 parts and save them in one and the same folder!

You need a torrent client on your pc first to proceed.

Not familiar with torrent downloads? Read this extern help file.

Speed of download depends on your

internet provider and available peers.

Use cable ethernet to increase speed.

Torrent downloads are available in

90% of all nations worldwide.

Download DF11 Megapack by 'webbrowser'

Back-up link download - 8GB / unknown minutes / 3 parts

PC free system disk space needed: 9GB

Note(!) Mega have set recently bandwidth limitations. This means

you have to wait several hours after downloading 4GB or more.

Download the parts one by one for best download result!

Save all parts in the same folder.

Cabled ethernet will increase the

speed of download.

Mega is available in 90% of all nations.

This download is recommended to use as backup for broken links.


This DF11 Megapack will come as a 3 parts compressed 'RAR file' and can be extracted with 'Winrar'.

Often this programs is already on board of your pc. Use 'The Unrachiver' for Mac systems.

Follow the steps below or use the guiding DF11 Megapack video.

These steps will work for all versions of Football Manager.

1 - Download the 3 parts of your DF11 Megapack.

2 - Save all 3 parts in the same folder. (in a temporary folder)

  • Wait untill the download is finished for all 3 parts!

3 - Extract Part 1 with Winrar (windows) or The Unarchiver (Mac systems)

  • Part 2 and 3 will follow automatically.

  • Once the extraction is ready a folder named 'Graphics' will appear. It includes your DF11 Megapack.

4 - Move the 'Graphics' folder to the Football Manager location on your Windows or Mac system:

  • Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**

Step 5 - Correct ingame settings - Click to view

5 - Start your Football Manager 20** game and open the ingame settings: 'Preferences' > 'Interface'

  • Click the "Clear Cache" button 1x. 
  • Untick the following line: "Use caching to decrease page loading times".
  • Confirm the changes to reload the skin.

There should be a box that pops up saying 'loading image data for the new skin'.

Once this is done your DF11 faces should be working within the game.

How to install your DF11 Megapack into Football Manager?

DF11 Megapack
Congratulations with your DF11 Megapack 2016-2017!

You can use your DF11 Megapack for many more years by may updating it on a monthly base!

Please proceed now to the DF11 updates page to extend and update your DF11 Megapack.

Starting with the july 2016 update and all following months.

Below you'll find THREE (3) different options for downloading:  *Cloud *Torrent *Webbrowser.

These offer different speeds of download. Take note that cable ethernet is more stable and faster than WIFI!


Check out our DF11 Help Center when having download or install problems!


DF11 Megapack video guide


- Megapack 2017 is created in june 2016 -