Request a face:

The closing date to request a face is always the 18th of the month.

We will do our best to include the requested face(s) to the update pack by the end of each month without any obligation.

We are all volunteers with a personal life in addition to our work for DF11 Facepacks. 


It speaks for itself that you'll need the full DF11 Facepack package to request a missing or outdated face.






You may request faces when:


  • A face is missing
  • A face is outdated (2 seasons old)
  • A player is transferred to a new club
  • You found a portrait image in better quality
Your name  
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Player image (link)  
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Name of player  
We don't make request's for:

  • Loaned out players
  • Players from customized databases
  • Incomplete forms

Please fill in the form correctly:

fmXML maker - for DF11 faces


Follow the easy manual to make these requested (missing)

DF11 faces visible in your Football Manager save game!