DF11 Facepacks is founded in 2010 by the idea to create a facepack for Football Manager

in portrait style. Why? A portrait styled face looks classy and uniforme in Football Manager.


Everyone knows the Panini football stickers wich many of you did or do collect.....


The idea for DF11 faces was based on the Panini's but without all the extra fuss (such as names, stats and flags) wich are already displayed by default in Football Manager.


Thanks to the help of some amazing guys in the Dutch FM community the concept and

facepack grew in 3 years from zero to hero in the FM community worldwide.


Now 6 years later, we are still there thanks to the support of our loyal DF11 users and

the hard work of everyone involved by the development and distribution of DF11 faces. 



The original DF11 face is sized 260x310 wich is much

larger then the ingame default faces (180x180).


Why is a DF11 face largely sized?

It seems simple in first place. I just wanted to see larger

and more football related images in Football Manager. There is another reason in second place when looking further to the game.


Football Manager evolves from year to year. New features come and go. By creating larger faces the quality of the DF11 image will always remain the same. Whether Football Manager will display the face by standard size or in DF11's large size.


"Who didn't collect these?"

1 million downloads

Once we found our way in the FM community the amount of downloads increased enormously. The DF11 Megapack is downloaded a million times worldwide over the last 4 years.

Graphics & Gamespeed


To avoid misunderstandings we decided to contact the development department of Sports Interactive in 2014.


We simply wanted to know if the number of graphics (gigabytes) will affect the game speed of Football Manager......... Their answer was very clear. 

The number of graphics (faces, logos, kits, etc) don't affect the game speed.

Graphics do only affect the start-up time.

The game will run just normal when loaded.

DF11 Graphics team

Producing over 95.400 faces isn't something you achieve without the help of others.

I was lucky to meet nice people who believed in this project and offerred their help and precious spare time.

Overview of all DF11 heroes during the years:

Old heroes: Hixxo, thijskeeper, FGIbra, new0rder, milka, Lubo

Jackioo, ArthurM, Lokypedro, El-Chambo, Jeroen, Mena Tallet

Slashydutchie, davvee, BusyDavo, Yap Yeong, Orthodox, Nox.

Current heroes: necjeff (author), Spurs12345, REBO, Bm,

Bingbangboem, marklf, Clowntje, Copywriter, Leonardo B, Haas67, Vilhena, Mathias R, Joshua, Florian W, Vlad Ultras, Knibbe, Moondog777, Costantinos, Explodingsheep, James,

Américo Monteiro, Seb Thompsson. Big respect to all of you!

Interested in joining our graphics team?

Please contact us. Good help is always welcome!

Special word of thank


A matchbox is a set of matches in a box. All these matches have the same properties en the same purpose.

Still the matchbox contains a few matches that are more solid then the others.


If DF11 was a matchbox, i would like to nominate these extra solid matches because of their reliability.

These guys were always there in time of need and helped the DF11 project for 3,5 years or even longer.



'Spurs12345', 'marklf', 'Bingbangboem', 'Bm' and 'Clowntje' (Weird names....You guys are fortunate these nicknames ain't real life names!) 

for me you are the extra solid matches of our matchbox.

I'm very gratufull to work with all of you!


Last but certainly not least, i would like to thank 'FMSCOUT/Stam' and 'Managers United' for supporting the DF11 projectfrom beginning up till today!


Regards Jeff ('necjeff')



Available for free


Give Football Manager a true face! DF11 faces are completely available for free 

for personal use in Football Manager.


You'll need to use the DF11 additions, like the DF11 panels

or custom skins to view the DF11 faces largely sized in FM!


The DF11 project