Use the fmXML tool to activate the visibility of new (requested) faces in Football Manager.


FMXML will add the code for new faces to your current DF11 Megapack.


Important: There is no need to use this tool when using the official DF11 (update) packs.

Normally all DF11 packs have already a working config file on board.


Use the fmxml tool only when:

- Adding a new face to the DF11 Megapack by yourself (for personal use only)

- A config file is missing or needs to be replaced. (in case of corrupted/damaged files)


​​A - Download the 'fmXML' tool.

Please note that there are different versions available for Windows and MAC systems.

B - Install fmXML on your desktop.

C - Click the fmXML shortcut icon on your desktop to start.

A small po-up window will appear   ->>                 ->>                   ->>

Proceed with the following fmxml actions:

1) Click the 'BROWSE' button to select your DF11 Megapack folder on

your pc system.

2) Select the 3 actions to be made:

*Make config.xml file / *faces / *All filenames are IDs

3) Press the 'GO' button.

4) A system popup will appear asking to overwrite all: Press 'YES'.

The new config file for your DF11 Megapack is now created!

Now set the ingame settings correctly to see the new faces in your savegame:

Start Football Manager

- Go to 'Preferences - Interface' 

- Activate (on) the line: 'Reload skin when confirming changes in preferences'

* Confirm + Reload Football Manager.


FMXML tool

How to add a new face to the pack

- Save the image as 'png file' (written in lower case letters)

- Name the image by the unique player ID.

- Add the png-image (the 'face') to the DF11 Megapack.

Now proceed with the fmXML tool.