Even our beloved game Football Manager isn't always perfect......

Here you will find the most common questions and possible solutions to solve your DF11 problems.


Always try to solve the problems yourself by reading the most common questions and solutions!


Feel free to contact us or use the chat service if you can't solve the problem yourself.

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1 > What are the minimum system requirements for playing Football Manager including all DF11 faces?
Please check the FM requirements here. You need 10GB extra free space on your system to storage the DF11 faces.

Most common questions
Questions related to your DF11 Megapack
Faces aren't visible in game

2 > In which versions of Football Manager can i use DF11 faces?
The DF11 faces are compatible with the following versions of Football Manager:

FM2010, FM2011, FM2012, FM2013, FM2014, FM2015, FM2016, FM2017.

3 > Will there be a new DF11 Megapack for Football Manager 2018?
We are not sure. DF11 faces are available since 2010. We offer a new update pack every month for wich everyone is able to follow and install.

You can use your current DF11 Megapack for a lifetime by updating it every month! (on regular base)

4 > Will my Football Manager game (or operating system/pc) become slower due to all these DF11 faces (8GB)?
NO.... Even with all graphical additions such as faces, logos and stadium backgrounds the game will run normally when loaded.
This fact is confirmed by 'Sports Interactive' in 2013.

5 > How to find the unique player ID's in Football Manager? 
You will have to activate the option 'Show screen IDs in Title Bar to assist skinning'. 
This option is available in the Football Manager settings 'Preferences' - 'Interface'. (online guide)

1 > I already have a DF11 Megapack! Do i have to download the latest one?
NO.... You only need a new DF11 Megapack when your current Megapack is older than september 2015.
Any newer DF11 Megapack is perfectly to update! You can view the date of your DF11 Megapack folder by opening the folder properties.

Visit our DF11 Megapack page for more information.

2 > My DF11 Megapack is older than september 2015, but i never missed a update pack my entire life.
You seem to be a loyal DF11 user of the first hour! There is no need for you to download a new DF11 Megapack.
Simply continue by what you were doing every month...... updating your DF11 Megapack!

3 > Do i need all the update packs?
YES.... Download and install all update packs in correct monthly order as written on the DF11 Update pack page.

4 > Problems with installing DF11 Megapack or DF11 Updates?
Make sure you have seen the install guides wich are available on the Megapack and Update pages.

Read further below for possible solutions if the problem stays!

1 > None of the DF11 faces show up in game!

There can be several reasons for this problem.

* Check the Football Manager ingame settings and set them correctly. Reload skin / restart game.

** Perhaps you have another folder in your DF11 Megapack?

Move inside your DF11 Megapack folder and delete all unnecessary items. Such as textfiles and subfolders.
The only allowed files in your Megapack folder are the '.png' files (faces) and 1 'Config file'.

Any other file or folder will stop your faces from working.

*** Check if your Megapack folder includes the 'config file'. Faces don't work without a 'config file'. 

First check if you did follow the instructions precisely as written on the DF11 Megapack page.
At second download + install the latest update. It always includes the latest config file!

2 > Some particular DF11 faces don't show up.

This is probably a file extension error.

Every face needs to have the 'png' extension. (written in low cases)

The non working face might have the 'PNG' extension by accident. (written in upper cases)

Near side you will find a easy video how to change the png extension in Windows 10.

Follow for example this video for other operating systems or Google for it.

Change the upper case extension into the lower case 'png' extension and reload your skin/game.

1 > Be aware that the download by 'MEGA' can stop during the download process.
Mega is no longer our main download host since they have set bandwidt limitations for downloads worldwide.

Meaning that you can't download over 5GB per day.

Since october 2016 we recommend to use the download options for or Torrent/Magnet.

Download problem with