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Recently updated:  August 12, 2022 







"The final update for season 21/22"

Update No.12 includes 6270 new DF11 faces to expand your DF11 Megapack to over 185.500.



"DF11 NewGan faces - Finally - Out now!"

30.000 faces for automatically generated players. A DF11 / Zealand collaboration.



"Play FM22 with all football legends!"

This custom database contains 1050 legendary players for your FM22 game. [Data + Faces]



DF11 faces: best football manager Facepack 2022 / 2023

"DF11 faces are completely free available for personal use in Football Manager."

"Contact us if you like to collaborate or when you like to use DF11 Faces for other projects as well."

Go for the best FM faces!


 The DF11 Megapack with 165,533 FM faces is your base pack for all (future) DF11 faces.


 This Mega facepack contains original portrait faces

for almost all playable leagues in Football Manager

2022 and all previous versions of the game.


You can use your DF11 Megapack 'endlessly' when updating it every month with the latest update packs.


Be ready for FM22 and download all the available

DF11 update packs to expand your DF11 Megapack with all the latest faces.

Keep your DF11 Megapack fresh and up to date.

Follow and install all the DF11 update packs in

monthly order to expand your Megapack

even further.

This way your Megapack will last endlessly.
How wonderful is that!

Complete your Football Manager game with this small 188MB file including over 167,072 DF11 Icon faces.

The DF11 icons are compatible with FM2022 and all previous versions of the game (FM21, FM20, etc, etc).

These icon faces will pop up in the action menus.

Easy and fast 1-minute download.

These skins are created by the best skin-creators in the FM community.

The DF11 compatible skins are completely optimized to display

the DF11 faces in real large format!

There are many skins available for all versions

of Football Manager.

DF11 panels are available for almost all steam versions of Football Manager (FM2011 - FM2021)

These panels ensure that you can enjoy the DF11 faces

in large format when using the default in-game skin.

You can install the panels yourself, but you can also use the ready-made skins

where these panels have already been placed by us. Very handy!

Even with 142.774 DF11 faces, you will have missing faces in your game.

The DF11 default face will fill the gaps of missing players and staff

in a smooth uniform DF11 style!

There are many types of Default faces available.





DF11 Facepacks creates fanmade faces for 'Football Manager' and other challenging projects.

DF11 Faces is founded in 2010 and is without a doubt one of the best and most steady facepacks available.

This Football Manager facepack is a must have for FM21, FM22, FM23, and all previous versions of the game.

The large DF11 faces for FM2021 / FM2022 / FM2023 will certainly enhance your football experience even more.

With our DF11 Megapack and DF11 Update packs, you'll get the best Football Manager facepack for free!

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