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New DF11 update pack No.3 with over 5000 faces for your DF11 Megapack. Available now! 



"I can't play FM without these faces."

The new DF11 Megapack provides 165.533

faces for almost all playable leagues in FM22!

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Are you someone who plays more than 8
seasons in a row? Then the Regens Megapack
with 20,000 Regens is a must-have!



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DF11 Default face

Although our DF11 Megapack and the matching Update packs contain over 160.000 faces,

there will always be missing faces in your Football Manager game.

The DF11 'Default face' will fill the gap for these missing faces. You can even help us with sending requests

​​​​​​​for missing faces as well.

Using the DF11 default face, combined with the DF11 Icon faces, will also create a more uniform look to your game.

It looks pretty and neat on the eyes too!

Default face FM2017

Football Manager 2018 / 2019 / 2020 / 2021


In FM2018, FM2019, FM2020 and FM2021 several game characters have their own 'Default face' up to a maximum of 4.


These 4 default faces will appear for

players, managers, coaches, and referees.





The earlier versions of Football Manager (2010-2017)


In the earlier versions of Football Manager,

you can assign only 1 'Default face' to appear for all characters.

Default faces FM2020

How to install the DF11 Default face(s) in Football Manager?      


Proceed to the 'DF11 Default - Install guide' for all details.      

DF11 Default face for FM2017

and all previous versions.

DF11 Default faces for FM2018 and all later versions of the game (FM2021).

Take note that you check out step 3 of the guide carefully.