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Recently updated:  September 4, 2021 







3 >   LOTBG 21.4 (JUNE 2021) 
The Legends of the Beautiful game are expanded to 777 players!




After the normal faces, the DF11 Icons have now also been updated to more than
167,000 pieces..

2 >   DF11 UPDATE PACK 2 (NEW)
Update 2 for the new 21-22 season!
 8142 faces to update and extend your DF11 Megapack to over 167.900!


Use the fmXML tool to activate the visibility of new (requested) faces in Football Manager.


FMXML will add the code for new faces to your current DF11 Megapack.




There is no need to use this tool when using the official DF11 (update) packs.

Normally all DF11 packs have already a working config file on board.



Use the FMXML tool only when:

- Adding a new (requested) face to the DF11 Megapack by yourself (for personal use only)

- A config file is missing or needs to be replaced. (in case of corrupted/damaged files)


A - Download the 'FMXML' tool.

Please note that there is a version available for Windows and one for MAC systems.







B - Install fmXML on your desktop.

C - Click the fmXML shortcut icon on your desktop to start.


A small pop-up window will appear.

The FMXML tool is activated now.


Please follow the instruction manual below to create the config file with FMXML.










How to create a new config file with FMXML



1- Use the 'BROWSE BUTTON' and select the DF11 Megapack folder on your pc system.



2 - Select the 3 actions to be made:

*Make config.xml file  /  *faces  /  *All filenames are IDs
















3 - Press the 'GO' button.


4 - A system popup will appear asking to overwrite all: Press 'YES'.

The new config file for your DF11 Megapack is now created.



Now set the in-game settings for Football Manager correctly to see the new faces in your savegame:


- Start Football Manager

- Go to 'Preferences - Interface' 

- De-activate (turn off) the line: 'Use caching to decrease page loading time'

- Activate (turn on) the line: 'Reload skin when confirming changes in preferences'




















* Confirm + Reload Football Manager.

How to add a new face to the pack

- Save the image as 'png' file (written in lower case letters)

- Name the image by the unique player ID.

- Add the new png-image (the 'face') to the DF11 Megapack.

- Create a new config file with FMXML to 'activate' the new image in your game.

Proceed by downloading the fmXML tool and create the new config file.