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Here you will find the most common questions and solutions for DF11 Faces, Football Manager and MacOS.

We also included MAC in the list, because the installation of FM graphics in MacOS is slightly different than in Windows.


Always try to solve the problems yourself by reading the frequently asked questions and solutions!


Feel free to contact us if you can't solve the problem yourself.
We will always respond within 48 hours. (asap)

1 - Are there DF11 facepacks available for older versions of FM?

Yes. You'll find them on the 'DF11 Classics' page of this website.


2 - What requirements must my pc meet in order to use the DF11 faces in FM?

You need at least 30GB of free diskspace on your computer.
However, if you like to save diskspace you can consider to use the compressed
Lite version of the DF11 Megapack wich is only 6GB.


3 - Can i use my current DF11 Megapack in FM24?

Probably yes, depending on the version of your DF11 Megapack.
Use the DF11 Megapack Checker for a precise answer.


4 - Do I have to install all DF11 updates to refresh my Megapack to the latest version?

Yes. When playing FM24 you need all the available update packs.
The update packs contain the latest faces from the current season 23-24.

5 - I have a problem installing the DF11 Megapack / Update packs.

Please follow the DF11 walkthrough guides precisely step by step.
The written guides and walkthrough video's will help you.


6 - I have a (error/corrupte file) problem when extracting the DF11 Megapack / Update packs.


Make sure the download is 100% completed.
The DF11 Megapack and Update packs are created as RaR files.
Not all the usual extract-tools work the same with RaR.

For Windows we strongly recommend WinRAR.
For MacOS we recommend The Unarchiver or similar apps like Keka macOS archiver.




7 - How do I know that the installation of the DF11 update was successful?

The installation process goes well if you are asked during the process whether you
want to replace the existing files with the new ones. (Say yes to all the new files!)

Use the install guide and video tutorial if you didn't.


8 - Help! Some DF11 faces don't work in my game.

Installing your DF11 Faces can cause problems. Therefore always use our Install Guides!

Other factors that can cause errors:

A - A folder in your DF11 Megapack folder.
There should never be another folder in your Megapack folder.

B - An old config file: When updating your DF11 Megapack you use so-called monthly DF11 Update packs.
  Make sure you include the full contents of the updates in your DF11 Megapack. So also the supplied config file!
Overwrite the old files of your DF11 Megapack with the files from the update packs.
Always do this in the correct numerical order.

C - Custom database: This can cause conflicts.
Delete the custom database if you are using one.


D - Faces with wrong file extension:
Sometimes a image is marked spontaneously outside of our control with the PNG extension.
PNG (high lettercases) files do not work in Football Manager.
The file extension must then be changed manually to 'png'.

- Open the Megapack folder
- Search the player image that doesn't show up by it's unique ID number.
- Change the file extension into 'png' (small lettercase!)




9 - How do I get the DF11 faces in large format in Football Manager?

For this you need extra DF11 panels.
The DF11 panels will display the faces in large size.


These panels are often already included to most of the custom skins.
You will find the best skins for DF11 in the menu on top of the page.




10 - Some staff members don't have a club logo on the shirt. Why is that?

We try to get rid of the club logo on the uniforms of the coaches as much as possible so that we don't have to provide these coaches with a new face every season.
This gives us extra time to provide even more players with a real face.


11 - Can i donate to the DF11 team?

Yes you can!

1 - I receive a file error when extracting the DF11 Megapack / Update pack files.

The DF11 Megapack and Update packs are created as RaR files.
To avoid errors during the extraction we recommend to use Keka mac archiver.

Over the past few years, macOS's Unarchiver and DF11 Faces have proven not to be the best match.
During the most recent test it appeared that Keka mac archiver does extract the DF11 files correctly.





2 - Problem finding the right install directory on MAC system.

The directory you need to search for on your MAC system is:

Users/<yourname>/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2022/graphics


Use the following instructions on your MAC system to find this location:


A) Open Finder

B) Click ‚ÄúGo‚ÄĚ from the menubar and select ‚ÄúGo to Folder‚ÄĚ (alternatively press Shift+CMD+G)

C) Copy in the following: ~/Library/Application Support/Sports Interactive/

D) Open the ‚ÄúFootball Manager 2022‚ÄĚ folder

E) Open the ‚Äúgraphics‚ÄĚ folder (or created it if it doesn't exist)

F) Move the downloaded files into the ‚ÄĚgraphics" folder



Our friend Rhys from FM Wonderkids created a walkthrough video recently

for our DF11 Megapack including tricks and tips to find the right install directory on your MacOS system.


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Manchester United Faces: Why not available?
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 Why are the faces for Manchester United missing (outdated) in the DF11 facepack?

The faces for Man Utd are missing (or outdated) because FM is not licensed to realistically represent Man Utd in the game.
Although DF11 faces is not a party in this, we will respect the club's position as mentioned in our Man UFC statement.

1 - Will my FM game slow down with so many (custom) graphics?

No. Graphics (DF11 Faces) do only affect the loading time of the game.
Once started the game will run as fast as normal.

2 - How can i find the unique player ID's in FM?

In your FM game.
Via the player database of our partner 'FMInside'.

1 - Is torrent safe?

Yes. It is safe and legal.

2 - What torrent client do you recommend?

Personally i use the free desktop version of Utorrent.
I also tested Bittorrent web (free version) and that worked pretty good as well.

Both clients have free versions for Windows and Mac.

3 - Is the Torrent download running slow?

We hired 2 seedboxes to keep our torrents running 24/7 in regular speed.
From here, it is out of our control.

Ultimately, you are partly responsible for the speed that your fellow users will experience.
Do you continue to seed the torrent for a few hours/days, or do you pull the plug as soon as you have downloaded your Megapack?

The more people seed the torrent, the faster the download will be.

Note that cable download is faster than WIFI.

3 - Torrent shows an error during download / 'Error - Access denied (write to disk)'

Follow the instructions as shows in this video to solve the problem fast and easy.

Can i use DF11 Faces in the XBOX Gamepass version of Football Manager?

Yes. It's possible according to the instructions written on the Sports Interactive forum. 

Gamepass: FAQ & Solutions

Football Manager: FAQ & Solutions

DF11 Faces: FAQ & Solutions

MacOS: FAQ & Solutions

Manchester United: FAQ

1 - I have a problem extracting the 2 parts Megapack download via 'Drive'. (paid version)

Please check out the walkthrough video for the DF11 Megapack 2 parts DRIVE download.


2 - I receive a warning for a corrupt file error during the unzip (extraction) process of the 2-parts Drive download.

Re-download the part that's given the error.

Optionally via one of the other 'Drive links' that you received by email.
Follow the steps of the install-guide.
Contact us if the problem stays.

DF11 Megapack 2 parts download via Drive (paid version): FAQ & Solutions

DF11 Megapack via Torrent: FAQ & Solutions

FM Mobile: FAQ & Solutions

Can i use the DF11 Faces in FM Mobile?

Yes. We have a Mobile facepack available for FM23 and FM24.
You can download it here.

DF11 NewGen Kitpacks: FAQ & Solutions

When do the NewGen (regen) players arrive in game?

It depends on the youth intake date of your club.

Europe: Between January - April
Australia - China - USA: Between September - November
You can find the full list with Youth Intake dates here.

Why don't have all of my NewGen (regen) players a face?

- Set the preference - Interface settings correctly.

- At the start of a new career > Game Set Up >> Disable 'Use fake players'.
- In NewGan Manager application > Tick the box "Duplicates allowed"
- Use the NewGan application after every youth intake to activate the images for the new NewGen players.

- In Scouting > NewGen Filter > Open 'Exclude' and Tick ON 'Own players'

Still not sorted?
Read the comments written below the video tutorial and see if you can find the information you need.

NewGan Manager actions explained:
Generate = Activating the NewGen player images for the 1st time.
Preserve = Only new NewGens get a face. The existing NewGens keep their current face.
Overwrite = All NewGens get a new face.

Do I have to use the NewGan Manager every season?

You must use the 'NewGan Manager app' after every youth intake!
In most cases, that means once per season.

All solutions are based on the NewGen video tutorial.
Always watch the video tutorial first.

3 - MAC OS: The Unarchiver
How to extract different files such as RaR and Zip files?

- Download the Unarchiver in the App Store.
- Open the app and ensure RAR and Zip is selected on the Archive Formats screen.
- Click the Extraction tab and select how you want the extracted folder to be saved.
- Go to the downloaded DF11 file on your computer.
- Right-click the .RaR formatted file + Select Open With > The Unarchiver.






Need more help?
Watch this video tutorial.