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Recently updated:  May 1, 2022 







"It get's better and better"

Update No.10 includes 2260 new DF11 faces to expand your DF11 Megapack to over 181.500.


"The illustrated DF11 facepack - Out now"

To provide you with more facepack styles,

DF11 Faces and FMG have joined forces.



"Ajax staff is no longer missing in FM22!"

The new updated Ajax staff fix [Data + Faces]

is compatible with version FM22.4.



faq / Help center

You need at least 28GB extra free space on your system to import the DF11 faces to your Football Manager directory.


No! Your game will not slow down.
However, starting the game can take extra time.

The game will run normal once loaded.

Always use the corresponding guide

to install the pack(s) in your game.
Follow the instructions exactly.

Activate this option:

'Show screen IDs in Title Bar to assist skinning'. 
The option is available in the Football Manager settings 'Preferences' - 'Interface'.

Only DF11 Megapacks from 'August 2020'

are suitable to update to the latest version.
You can find the exact information here.

YES. You need all the update packs.

Install all the DF11 updates in monthy order

as written in the online manual.

Use the zip tools we recommend. (WinRaR or 7zip)

Re-download the corrupt file once from another

'Drive' host available in your email reservation.

Still not solved? Try FAQ Nr.8 + Nr.19

Even our beloved game Football Manager isn't always perfect.

Here you will find the most common questions and possible solutions to solve DF11 related problems.

Always try to solve the problems yourself by reading the most common questions and solutions!

Feel free to contact us or use the chat service if you can't solve the problem yourself.

MAC users on FM2020 / FM2021

Problems with FM2020 / FM2021 Files on MAC (Catalina)


1 – Go to your main screen on Mac and from the top tabs panel click ‘go’, you will not see the ‘library’ folder’.


2 – Now hold down the ‘alt’ or ‘options’ key.

Now you should see the ‘library’ folder appear, while still holding, click it.


3 – Now click ‘application support’.


4 – Scroll down and click ‘sports interactive’ and then ‘Football Manager 2020’.


5 – You did it! That is how to find FM20 files on Mac.


Remember to use the 'DF11 Install guides' to install the DF11 faces correctly in FM2020 / FM2021.



More trouble shooting assistant needed for Mac?
Check these pages: FMScout - SI help forum

The library location for MAC is hidden.

You need to unlock it first to place graphical addons

in the right location. (faces, logos, kits, etc etc)

1 - Will my FM game slow down using the DF11 faces?
2 - Are there DF11 facepacks available for older versions of FM?
3 - What requirements must my pc meet in order to use the DF11 faces in FM?
4 - My DF11 Megapack is outdated. Can i still use it combined with all the new update packs?
5 - Do I have to install all DF11 updates to refresh my Megapack to the latest version?

6 - I have a problem installing the DF11 Megapack / Update packs.
7 - I have a (error/corrupte file) problem when unpacking the DF11 Megapack / Update packs.
8 - I can't unpack the zip file on MAC OS / Receiving an error during the extraction. (MAC OS only)
9 - How do I know that the installation of the updates was successful?
10 - Help! Some DF11 faces don't work in my game.
11 - How do I get the DF11 faces in large format in FM?
12 - Torrent showes an error during download > 'Error access is denied (write to disk)'
13 - Do the DF11 faces also work with 'Microsoft / XBOX Game Pass'? (Available here)
14 - How can i find the unique player ID's in FM?
15 - Why are the faces for Manchester United missing in the DF11 facepack?
16 - Some staff members don't have a club logo on the shirt. Why is that?
17 - I am having problems with the DF11 faces on my MAC system. (MAC OS only)
18 - I have a problem extracting the 4 parts Megapack download. (Drive downloads only)
19 - I receive a warning for a corrupt file error during the unzip (extraction) process of the 4-parts Megapack.
20 - Can i use DF11 faces on game consoles? (XBOX / PS / Nintendo) > NO
Can i donate to the DF11 team? > Yes you can!








Several old versions of the DF11 Megapack are available for use in previous versions of FM.


Follow this specific guide step by step.
If a certain part gives an error, it is best to download that part again and follow the manual again.

This is explained at the bottom of the

DF11 updates page.

1 - See if the file extension is 'png'. Change it if not.
2 - Create a new config file to fix the problem.
3 - Go through the guides again or re-install

the pack.






You will see  the DF11 faces in large format

by using our DF11 panels or one of the

available skins.

The error 'Write to Disk Access Denied'

is easy to fix thanks to this short video.

Yes. Installing the DF11 Megapack remains the same. Only the location folder changed. The DF11

Megapack must be placed in the 'Gamepass' folder.




This club has prohibited the use of player images

in Football Manager.

This probably also applies to FM21

Since FM21, DF11 has made the club logo as neutral

as possible for coaches.
In this way the faces of the coaches last longer.

All zip files are compressed with 7zip or WinRaR.
Download Decompressor or WinRaR for MAC first.

Try to unzip the file again with the new tool.



It's possibly a warning without consequences.

1 - Exit the warning (Do not stop the extraction)

2 - Continue the extraction as normal

Contact DF11 faces if the problem stays.