Play Football Manager in full DF11 style using this DF11 Icons Megapack.

The 'Icons Megapack' contains the same faces as the original DF11 Megapack, but only in small 'icon' size.

"Download 126,600 DF11 icons in just a minute

and play Football Manager in full DF11 style."

Wonder where these icon faces will appear in Football Manager?

The DF11 icon face will appear on top in the small action menus.

You can open the player action menu in Football Manager by clicking on the player's name while

using the 'right-sided mouse button'.

Date of release Megapack: August 24, 2019

Pack size: 132 MB

Icon size: 15x18 pix

Amount of DF11 icons in Megapack: 126,600

Download this DF11 icons megapack every month to see the newest icon faces in your Football Manager game.

The download will be fast and ready in a minute!

How to install the Icons Megapack in Football Manager?      


Proceed to the 'Icons Megapack - Install guide' for all details.