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Recently updated:  September 4, 2021 







3 >   LOTBG 21.4 (JUNE 2021) 
The Legends of the Beautiful game are expanded to 777 players!




After the normal faces, the DF11 Icons have now also been updated to more than
167,000 pieces..

2 >   DF11 UPDATE PACK 2 (NEW)
Update 2 for the new 21-22 season!
 8142 faces to update and extend your DF11 Megapack to over 167.900!

Join the DF11 team!

Name / Nickname  
Photoshop skills  

"Welcome to your new hobby!"

Feel free to contact us when you like to join the DF11 project!




No matter where you live or how old you are.

Anyone with a passion for graphics and Football Manager is welcome!




What we ask for:

Dedicated people who like to spend a few hours a week to this project.

You need to have a copy of 'Photoshop Elements' (preferably)

and at least the basic knowledge of the Photoshop software program.




What we offer:

  • A nice hobby where you work on one of the best and most downloaded facepacks for Football Manager.

  • A good feeling. Making others happy is always nice!

  • 'Work on your own speed' with a *limit of 10 days per team pack.

  • Credits for your work by mentioning your name on the credit list.




Obligations when signing up:

Singing up for the team is certainly not without obligations.
At least 4 *team packs per month are expected from you.

Please take note that creating a team pack from scratch will take about 90 minutes.




How we work:

In first you will be asked to create some example DF11 faces to view your knowledge about the DF11 style.



If your knowledge and skills are at the desired level, you will receive assignments in mutual consultation for making specific team packs.



These assignments will vary for football leagues worldwide, because for us at DF11faces.com,

all football leagues in FM are equally important.



Having this all said.............. it's time to sign up!