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"Update your Megapack with the latest faces!"

New DF11 update pack No.5 with 7800 faces

for your DF11 Megapack. Available now! 


"I can't play FM without these faces."

The new DF11 Megapack provides 165.533

faces for almost all playable leagues in FM22!

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"I like to see the DF11 faces in big format!"

Most FM22 skins come with DF11 panels on board. Check out the awesome FM22 skins!


Join the DF11 team!

Name / Nickname  
I respond to vacancy:  

"Welcome to your new hobby!"

Sign up via the 'contactform' at the bottom of this page.

Feel free to contact us if you like to join the DF11 project.

Good help is always welcome!

Open Vacancies

We are currently looking for specific reinforcements for the following vacancies:

Vacancy 1: Pictures collector Africa
Vacancy 2: Pictures collector Asia

Vacancy 3: Pictures collector Oceania

Vacancy 4: Collaborating graphic developer of faces

Vacancy 5: Streamers that like to promote the DF11 project

< Additional information about these features can be found at the bottom of this page >

What we ask for

Dedicated people who like to spend a few hours a week to this project.

No matter where you live or how old you are.

Anyone with a passion for football, graphics or Football Manager is welcome!

Basic properties:
- You like football.
- You have a computer with internet.
- You strive for perfection to give as many players a face as possible.
- You are available for your new hobby at least 2 hours a week.

Pro features:
- You are familiar with the Football Manager game.
- You are familiar with Photoshop software.
- You have Photoshop software and can handle it well.
(you know how to adjust/enhance images)

- You are available for your new hobby at least 2 hours a week.

What we offer
  • A nice hobby where you work on one of the best and most downloaded facepacks for Football Manager.

  • A good feeling. Making others happy is always nice! :)

  • 'Work at your own pace' with a minimum time commitment of 2 hours per week.

  • Credits for your work by mentioning your name on the credit list.

Obligations when signing up:

Singing up for the DF11 team is certainly not without obligations.

As soon as you register, the time will also start running on our side.
We will guide you through the DF11 project and provide support where necessary.
For this we expect the matching commitment in time and energy from your side.

Player Pictures Collector:

As a collector of player images, you are responsible for providing player images from the specific leagues.

You rename the images with the player ID from the original FM database so that the images will work in FM.

You also make the images suitable for our 'DF11 development team' by removing the background and supplying them in the correct size. These are simple actions where we provide you with the necessary tools.

DF11 Graphics Developer:

As a developer of DF11 graphics you are responsible for creating the DF11 faces.
For this you need Photoshop software.
You also have to be good with the Photoshop software.

FM Streamers:
Enthusiastic streamers are always welcome.

Whether you have many or few followers.

Whether you are a loyal DF11 user or not.
All we ask is to mention the DF11 project in respectful way.

> We will promote your channel as much as possible.

Having this all said...... it's time to sign up!

Vacancy descriptions