Prepare yourself for Football Manager 2020 with our latest DF11 Megapack (Release date: August 2018).

It includes over 109,500 large faces covering at least 95 playable leagues in FM2020

plus all previous versions of the game!

"Players, managers, coaches, masseurs, referees and club owners.

DF11 creates faces for all game characters."

Download always the DF11 update packs to expand your Megapack with the most recent faces for players and staff.

You can use your DF11 Megapack for a 'lifetime' when updating it every month.

Read the information below and follow the instructions that apply your DF11 Megapack. 

I already have a DF11 Megapack

You can continue to use your current DF11 Megapack

if you have updated it every month during the past year.

You know your current DF11 Megapack is okay if

it meets these 2 conditions:

1 - It contains over 109,000 faces.

2 - The player 'Morgan Gibbs-White'

(ID '29175220' / Wolverhampton Wanderers)

appears in your game with this face.


We strongly recommend downloading the new DF11 Megapack when your current DF11 Megapack does

not meet these 2 conditions or when having doubts

about your own regular update process.

I like to download the new DF11 Megapack

Proceed to download the newest DF11 Megapack

by using one of the download options on this page.

DF11 Megapack: 9,9GB (packed as RaR file)

Download options: Torrent | Sync | Sponsored

All available on this page.

Estimated time of download: 75 minutes.

Install guide in multiple languages:

The official Megapack install guide

will help you during the install process and is

available in multiple languages!

Take note that cable ethernet is 2x faster and more stable than WIFI.


Does the 9GB download take to long? Try to download by night or when you are at school/work.

Cloud download:


The speed of download depends on:


- Your internet speed.


- Number of downloads at the

same time.


The download can become slower if many people are downloading

at the same time.

Torrent / Magnet:


The speed of download depends on:


- Amount of 'seeders/peers'.


- Your internet speed


- Perfect if many people are downloading at the same time.


Help to keep this torrent active.

'Seed' as long as you can!

Direct server:


The direct download link is available thanks to the help from our friends

at ''.


The speed of download depends on:


- Your internet speed.


- Number of downloads at the

same time.


The download can become slower if many people are downloading

at the same time.

How to install the DF11 Megapack in Football Manager?      

Proceed to the 'DF11 Megapack - Install guide' for all details!      


Don't forget to download the DF11 update packs and available skins

to see the DF11 faces in original large size in game.

There are many quality skins available for several versions of Football Manager!