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The DF11 Regen faces are back & ready for use in FM2021!



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Buy and sell legendary players for your club to rewrite history in Football Manager 2021.

1 >   DF11 UPDATE PACK 8
This pack includes 3500 faces for your D

DF11 Megapack - torrent


To download the DF11 Megapack via torrent you'll need to have a Torrent client on your Windows or Mac system.

Most Torrent clients are free available on the internet. For example Utorrent voor Windows 10 and Mac.

First install a torrent program on your PC if you don't already have one.

We use Utorrent ourselves.

Torrent desktop version needed.

Attention!  >>  We don't recommend 'Vuze' and Web-versions due to disappointing results with our torrents.

Titel: DF11 Megapack (August 2020)


File size: 13,3GB

You need at least 30GB free space on board of your computer to extract the file.


File extension: WinRAR Zip

The downloaded file comes as a WinRAR Zip file.


You need a Zip-program to extract the file.

Most likely you will have a (free) Zip-program named '7-Zip' already available on your computer.

If not than Google for free Zip software to open the Torrent-file.


Update(s) available: Yes.

There are monthly updates available to expand your DF11 Megapack even further

and to keep it up to date with all the latest faces.


1 - Start Utorrent on your computer.



2 - Open the Downloaded torrent file with WinRAR or 7-zip.



3 - Double click the torrent file to start the download with your Torrent client.

The download can take a while because it is a massive 13,3GB file.


The speed of download depends on your internet connexion (cable is faster than WIFI)

and on the amount of active torrent seeders.



4 - The download is complete once it reaches 100%

and your torrent software indicates that it is seeding (sharing) the torrent.

The file must be 13.3 GB in size.



5 - Extract the download file with WinRAR or 7-Zip.

This takes some time....


CHECK! >> When done, the 'DF11 Megapack (August 2020)' folder

should have 142.774 faces + 1 Config file in it!



6 - Use the DF11 Megapack install guide to place the folder 'DF11 Megapack (August 2020)'

in the right directory on your computer.

"Use the Install guide to place the DF11 Megapack folder

in the correct directory of your PC.

After that, you can start updating your DF11 Megapack!"

The torrent download is co-hosted by 2 seed boxes.
This makes downloading more stable and faster for everyone.



Our partner SpartanWilly has published a simple video tutorial for your convenience.

Watch the video

guide and subscribe

to SpartanWilly!