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"The final update for season 21/22"

Update No.12 includes 6270 new DF11 faces to expand your DF11 Megapack to over 185.500.



"DF11 NewGan faces - Finally - Out now!"

30.000 faces for automatically generated players. A DF11 / Zealand collaboration.



"Play FM22 with all football legends!"

This custom database contains 1050 legendary players for your FM22 game. [Data + Faces]



df11 NEWGAN FACEpack

About the 'NewGan Facepack'


The DF11 NewGan Facepack is a multicultured pack of 30.000 faces for usage in Football Manager.

The NewGan facepack of which we use the original player images,

comes from the popular NewGan project that Zealand and his team created in 2020.

With permission from Zealand we were able to use their NewGan project as a base for this new DF11 NewGan facepack.


Thanks to the UI (user interface) that Zealand and his team have created,

the NewGan faces are linked to players based on their origin. How cool is that!

With this, players from all parts of the world will actually be recognizable by their appearance.


To make the faces suitable for DF11 portrait style our friend Warringtini developed a template (neck + shirt).
With his fully automated template the DF11 NewGan faces were created.
After an initial quality check done by the DF11 graphics team, 30,000 NewGan faces have now been released

for use in your Football Manager game.






What is a NewGan (NewGen)?


NewGan players are (mostly youth) players that are automatically generated by the game itself.

A New Generation.....

This way the game ensures that there are always enough players available and that you can play the game 'indefinitely'.


Because these generated players are fictitious persons there are no official images for them.
The DF11 NewGan facepack gives your fictional players a face of their own.






Is the DF11 NewGan Facepack compatible with all versions of Football Manager?


As far as we know, the DF11 NewGan facepack combined with the 'NewGAN-Manager' can be used in

Football Manager 2021 plus future versions of the game. So also in FM2022 and probably also in FM2023.


Use the guide to get the facepack working in your Football Manager game. It's pretty easy!

How to install the DF11 NewGan Facepack in Football Manager?




You need 3 things


1. DF11 NewGan Facepack

2. NewGan Manager (Application)

3. NewGan Install Guide from Zealand




1. Download the DF11 NewGan Facepack with the shirt of your choice:

How to replace Regen Faces?


Sometime you just want to switch Regen faces to match age, race or name.


Here is how it goes:

1 - Make sure you have activated the visiblity for the ID's in Title Bar.

2 - Open the 'Config file' located in your Regen Megapack folder with 'NOTEPAD'.

3 - Search for the ID number of the image you like to replace.

4 - Once found, you see the image number in front of the unique ID.

5 - Copy the image number and use it for the face you like to see in game!



Possible limitations:

It is possible to see duplicate NewGan-images in the game from time to time.

Sometimes faces look similar, yet they are all different!

Redistribution Policy


Want to share this on other sites?

Please point the download link to this very page.

You cannot host any of these files yourself.

Is it save game compatible?


You can activate the NewGan Facepack at any time in your game with the NewGan Manager tool.

Annual youth intake dates:

NewGan players are generated from the very first start of the game.

However, the annual new youth players are only generated once a year and differ per country.

​​​​​​​Below you will find a shortlist with the most important dates:

Argentina: February     Brasil: September     Belgium: March     China: September

England: February / March     Germany: February / March     France: February / March

Italy: March     Netherlands: March     Portugal: March     Spain: March     USA: December​​​​​​​

Who are the people that are represented by image in the DF11 NewGan Facepack?

The faces of these persons are not real. They are all computer composite faces.

These computer composite faces are made by Zealand and his amazing team.

DF11 Faces has been granted permission to convert the faces.

As a result, DF11 users can now enjoy the NewGan Facepack in familiar DF11 portrait style.


Original cut-out faces used in this DF11 NewGan Facepack are created by:

Zealand, Samaroy, Gestalt, HRiddick, Krysler76, Ayal and the mod team

The original Zealand NewGan topic

The conversion from cut-out to DF11 style is done by:


The final check of this facepack was done by:

Dennis & necjeff

NewGan Manager application:


All the information you need regarding the DF11 Regen Megapack is written on this page.

Please take a minute to read.

Zealand NewGan face

converted to DF11

2. Download the NewGan Manager (application)

- Download here -

Download the version that matches your device. (Windows / Mac / Linux)

3. NewGan Install Guide


For your convenience there are two video install manuals

and one text file available.


You can use the install guide provided by Zealand (Windows / Mac)

or the one provided by 'Priisek' (focussed on Windows).


With the help of these videos you will soon have beautiful NewGan faces in your game!

By Warringtini

By Warringtini & Dennis

By Dennis

By necjeff

By Dennis