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df11 regens megapack FM2020


About the 'Regen Megapack'

The DF11 Regen Megapack is a multicultured pack of 20.000 faces for usage in Football Manager.

All faces are created in DF11 style and will automatically work alongside with all other DF11 faces.

The 20.000 faces are automatically picked by Football Manager 2020

and linked to 1 million regen players in the game.

All DF11 Regens are manually adjusted to be neutral as possible. (no brand/logo on the shirts)

What is a Regen face?

Many managers look forward to the time of the annual youth intake.
During the annual youth intake date new youth players will be created by the game.

It's an exiting time because all managers hope that at least one of the new youth players will bring succes

and big money to the club.

These new youth players ('Regens') will automatically get a real face in DF11 style if you have installed

the DF11 Regens Megapack.

Is the DF11 Regen Megapack compatible with all versions of Football Manager?

The pack is only compatible with the version it was made for.

The Regen Megapack FM2020 is compatible with FM2020 (+previous versions of the game).

The Regen Megapack FM2021 is compatible with FM2021.
The Regen Megapack FM2022 is compatible with FM2022 and so on.

How to install the DF11 Regens Megapack 2020?

It's easy!

1 - Download the file

(Available at the bottom of the page)

2 - Extract the file

Windows >> Use 7zip (or winrar)

Mac >> Use The Unarchiver.

After the extraction you will receive 2 folders.

'Regens Megapack' + 'Staff for Regens Megapack'

3 - Move the DF11 Regen Megapack folder to the following Football Manager location on your computer:

Windows >>   Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\Graphics

Mac >>   Users\Username\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\Graphics

 Mac Catalina >>   Username\Library\Application Support\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\Graphics

4 - Start your Football Manager 20** game:

Load your (save) game.

Move to Preferences screen.

Select 'Interface'

Activate: 'Reload skin when confirming changes in Preferences'

Activate/Optional: 'Show screen ID's in Title Bar to assist skinning'

De-activate: 'Show pictures of players (and staff) who have been generated by the game'

How to replace Regen Faces?


Sometime you just want to switch Regen faces to match age, race or name.


Here is how it goes:

1 - Make sure you have activated the visiblity for the ID's in Title Bar.

2 - Open the 'Config file' located in your Regen Megapack folder with 'NOTEPAD'.

3 - Search for the ID number of the image you like to replace.

4 - Once found, you see the image number in front of the unique ID.

5 - Copy the image number and use it for the face you like to see in game!



Known limitation issues for the pack:

It is possible to see duplicate regen-images in the game from time to time.

Is it save game compatible?


Yes. All you have to do is wait for the next upcoming date of (youth) intake!

The new regen players will appear in the youth/reserve squads for teams in the playable leagues you selected.

You are able to chance the faces if you want. 







Annual youth intake dates:


The date of intake may vary by nation.

Below you will find a short list of important intake-dates:



Argentina: February     Brasil: September     Belgium: March     China: September

England: February / March     Germany: February / March     France: February / March

Italy: March     Netherlands: March     Portugal: March     Spain: March     USA: December



A complete overview of all nation intake-dates is available on our partner webpage:








Who are the people that are represented by image in the DF11 Regen Megapack?


We wanted to make the Regen images look similar to the original DF11 Faces.


Therefore we used images from people that are already represented online by team image.

Most of these team images come from lower football leagues outside the Football Manager database.

Some others come from volleyball and handball teams.

(no rugby or AF players, because their physique is very different to football players)


Warringtini, Footmob & necjeff (DF11Faces.com)



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