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1 >   DF11 SKINS V1.1 FM21 
DF11 Base skins for FM21.
Tranparent version included!




The new DF11 Megapack to start

the new FM21 season!

2 >   DF11 PANELS V1.1 

The new DF11 panels for FM21!
Also included to the new Base skins.

Request a df11 face

Request a single face:

     You may request faces if:   

  • An official face is missing
  • A face is outdated (2 seasons old)
  • Players who have been definitively transferred to a new club.
  • You found a portrait image in better quality.
  • You like to have your own DF11 manager face.
(nick) name  
Your e-mail  
Name of player  
Unique player ID  
Amount of donation  
I'd like to receive the face  
Attachments (image)  

     We don't make request's for:

  • Images in less quality as the original face.
  • Players at loan to a club
  • Players from un-official databases!
  • Incomplete forms

Important: Please note that we can't reply to incorrect

email-addresses and incomplete forms.

Everyone with a fully updated DF11 Megapack can send requests for missing and outdated faces.

More information available in the note list below.

Please take note that the DF11 project is still a hobby. Most of us do also have jobs, school and family life.

Therefore we can't commit to any obligations regarding the requested faces.

Policy update 'requests' - 23 November 2020

Due to enormous pressure regarding the release of FM21, we can't take requests until December 5th.

This request page will re-open between December 5th and 18th. We hope for your understanding.

Standard request:

Without reply, your request will be processed and added to the next update.

Special request:

Requests with a donation will be sent to you by email as soon as possible.

First name  
Your e-mail  
Amount of donation  
I'd like to receive the teampack  
Message (Optional)  
Attachments (rar/zip)  

Important: Please note that we can't reply to incorrect

email-addresses and incomplete forms.


* Collect images for players + staff.

* Name the images by the unique ID.

* Zipp the file and upload as an attachment.

Request a full team-pack:

How to add a requested (missing) face to your DF11 Megapack?





Proceed to the 'FMXML guide' for all details.


Restriction for this request page:


Dear DF11 friends,


Due to new restrictions by law we are closed until January 2020.


We are grateful for your support

and hope for your understanding.




DF11 team