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3 >   LOTBG 21.4 (JUNE 2021) 
The Legends of the Beautiful game are expanded to 777 players!




After the normal faces, the DF11 Icons have now also been updated to more than
167,000 pieces..

2 >   DF11 UPDATE PACK 2 (NEW)
Update 2 for the new 21-22 season!
 8142 faces to update and extend your DF11 Megapack to over 167.900!

Request a df11 face

Request a single face:

     You may request faces if:   

  • An official face is missing
  • A face is outdated (2 seasons old)
  • Players who have been definitively transferred to a new club.
  • You found a portrait image in better quality.
  • You like to have your own DF11 manager face.
(nick) name  
Your e-mail  
Name of player  
Unique player ID  
Amount of donation  
I'd like to receive the face  
Attachments (image)  

     We don't make request's for:

  • Images in less quality as the original face.
  • Players at loan to a club
  • Incomplete forms
  • Players from custom databases

Important: Please note that we can't reply to incorrect

email-addresses and incomplete forms.

Everyone with a fully updated DF11 Megapack can send requests for missing and outdated faces.

More information available in the note list below.

Please take note that the DF11 project is still a hobby. Most of us do also have jobs, school and family life.

Therefore we can't commit to any obligations regarding the requested faces.

The request page will be open between the 10th and the 20th day of the month.

Standard request:

Without reply, your request will be processed and added to the next update.

Special request:

Requests with a donation will be sent to you by email as soon as possible.

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Important: Please note that we can't reply to incorrect

email-addresses and incomplete forms.

* Collect images for players + staff

* Name the images by the unique ID

* Zipp the files and upload as an attachment (20MB) or download link

Request a package:

How to add a requested (missing) face to your DF11 Megapack?





Proceed to the 'FMXML guide' for all details.

Keep our mailbox nice and clean:

- More than 1 image? Use the package request  >>>

Dear DF11 users,

The new football season 21-22 is about to start soon!

This also means busy times for the DF11 Graphics team......

Our goal is to offer all DF11 users the most complete facepack as possible for the release of FM2022.

To achieve this and to speed up the creation of new faces, we will not accept requests for the time being.

We hope for your understanding.

For now, enjoy summer and footy!


Team DF11


In the coming months we will release monthly DF11 updates as usual.


Make sure you have your DF11 Megapack complete with all available DF11 faces (all updates).

With a complete DF11 Megapack you will be ready for FM2022!