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"Update your Megapack with the latest faces!"

New DF11 update pack No.5 with 7800 faces

for your DF11 Megapack. Available now! 


"I can't play FM without these faces."

The new DF11 Megapack provides 165.533

faces for almost all playable leagues in FM22!

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"I like to see the DF11 faces in big format!"

Most FM22 skins come with DF11 panels on board. Check out the awesome FM22 skins!


best football manager SKINS for df11 faces

Download all the best skins for your DF11 faces


DF11 faces work in any skin.

Especially for you we have selected the best skins that display the DF11 faces in large format

in Football Manager.





Special thank to the original author of these skins for their help and amazing work!