DF11 faces are compatible with almost any custom skin made by the Football Manager community worldwide.

Please check out the following 'DF11 compatible' skins.

Let yourself be surprised by the excellent work of many skin creators!

gallery/holiday skin necjeff
gallery/holiday skin
gallery/cfm skin

AndroFlux skin - Created by 'Dasz8'

CFM skin - Created by 'Pikawa'

DF11 light skin - Created by 'necjeff'

DS8 Group skin - Created by 'Dasz8'

Evo skin - Created by 'Pikawa'

FLUT skin - Created by 'Flut'

FMTema skin - Created by 'Ramoscu'

FMTema light skin - Created by 'Ramoscu'

Holiday skin - Created by 'necjeff'

Special skin - Created by 'txtback'

YACS2 skin - Created by 'bossland'


All credits to the original authors of these skins.

Their amazing work brings even more pleasure

to the game!

Big thanks to all of you!

All skins on this page are originally created for usage in the Football Manager 2016 serie.

  • DF11 faces are largely sized 260x310 px.


 The skins we share on this page do all have a special 'DF11 option' on board to show the DF11 faces in large size on several player pages.



  • These skins are made by the best skin creators of the Football Manager community.


  • The creators did adjust the original skin or created a special version to display the DF11 faces perfectly in Football Manager.


  • These skins will only work in the Football Manager version for which they were created!

How to install skins in Football Manager?      


Proceed to the 'Skins - Install guide' for all details.      


Check out our 'Extra downloads' page for more great add-ons!