custom database "LOTBG" V6






'Azzam Alafgani'


- Every donation is appreciated for this long term and carefully compiled project -






About the Legends Database:


This custom database project started about a year ago when Azzam started his long term research

to create many legendary players from scratch as real as possible.


With this extra data-set the most legendary players from football history will appear

in your Football Manager game.


At the start all legendary players will play for the club where their career started.

Also career wishes have been added, so that the players can end up at the club where they became a true legend.



Example > Diego Maradona

Starts his career in Argentina while playing for Argentinos Juniors.

He wishes to play for Napoli in the future.


What's included?


There are over 700 legendary players included.

Maradona, Pelé, Cruyff, Ronaldo, Schumacher, Van Basten, Romario, Platini and Thierry Henry

are a few of many legends that will appear in your game!


More legendary players will follow up in the upcoming updates for this 'Legends project'!





DF11 Legends facepack:


Around 700 legends are equipped with a unique DF11 face so far.

More faces will follow up in the upcoming updates for this 'Legends project'.





Is it save game compatible?


No. Just like any other custom database update, you will have to start a new savegame

every time you have add a new (updated) database to your FM game.




How old are these legends in my game?


Azzam has created a simple logical link to the year of born.


Players who were born in 1940s will start the game at the age of 22. (For example Pele and Cruyff)

Players who were born in 1950s will start the game at the age of 21. (For example Zico and Platini)

Players who were born in 1970s will start the game at the age of 19. (For example Ronaldo and Zidane)

Players who were born in 1980s will start the game at the age of 18. (For example Messi and CR7)


The database contains even players who are born in 1880.

Now you can do the math.





Does this database and facepack work with other databases and facepacks in FM?



You can contact the author in case you experience any issues related to these files.







Updates have been planned for expanding this dataset further with even more legendary players (including faces).

A new fully updated LOTBG version will become available every month.


Remove the old files first before installing the new LOTBG pack!



Most recent LOTBG version  =  August 2020 (V6)

+ Over 700 legends faces

+ Legendary managers

+ Shortlist for easy search


Download via the button below

How to install the LOTBG pack?

It's easy!

1 - Download the file (post updated June 8, 2020)

2 - Extract the file

Windows >> Use 7zip (or winrar)

Mac >> Use The Unarchiver.

After the extraction you will receive 3 folders named as 'editor data' - 'graphics' - 'shortlists'.

The 'editor data' contains the custom database. The 'graphics' folder contains the DF11 Legends facepack.

The 'shortlist' file is for easy searching.

3 - Add the 3 files (editor data + graphics + shortlists) to the main Football Manager location on your computer:

(Remove the old LOTBG files first!)

WINDOWS >>   Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\

Mac >>   Users\Username\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\

 Mac Catalina >>   Username\Library\Application Support\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 20**\

4 - Start your Football Manager 20** game:

Select to start a new "Career" game.

Choose the Football Manager database on the top right.

Select the file 'The Legends Of The Beautiful Games'.


This custom database is created with the utmost care by Azzam.

Still if you encounter problems, you can pass them on to him via email

by using the contact button below.

Exclusive download host:

Compatible with Football Manager version:

This extra dataset of players is created for FM2020 but should work also in FM2021 and previous

versions of Football Manager. (2006 - 2021)

Redistribution Policy

Want to share this on other sites?

Please point the download link to this very page.

You cannot host any of these files yourself.